Devin J. Ayers

Devin J. Ayers (1975-2017) was a writer, educator, social activist, and scholar living in Santa Fe NM where he taught at the Academy for Technology & the Classics. An admirer of Kerouac and other Beats, Ayers spent his early twenties riding freight trains from coast to coast, sleeping in national forests, reading in libraries, and conversing with some of America’s more marginalized storytellers. At St. John’s College, where he earned his Master’s in Eastern Classics in 2005, he translated Sanskrit and studied Taoist Philosophy. The estimable body of work he left behind deals with class struggle, humankind’s place in nature, punk rock, skateboarding, and our often fraught but beautiful pursuit of peace and deeper meaning. At the time of his death he was authoring a book on pedagogy as well as revising a novel based on his experiences living in a collective squat in Portland, OR during the punk rock era. A teacher whose greatest passion was advocating for those who had no advocate, the Devin J. Ayers Young Writers Scholarship assists students who march to the beat of their own drum with college-related expenses. Please contact the Academy for Technology & the Classics for details.

Pirate Town

In a few minutes, predictably, the air brakes gave an angry hiss and the ton upon ton of steel strained to stop the momentum of its own barreling progress. The train finally came to a stop in the open desert.