The Unknowable

she—having regained composure—messaged him: Your mother needs to know you are all right and she foolishly expected an immediate response

What We Were

When the last ship vanished into the sky, afterburners flickering briefly in the dense black cloud ceiling that shrouded our world, there were fires. There were more of us then, and we poured, angry, through the streets, a human pyroclastic…

Screen Door

When someone you’ve had sex with hundreds of times compares you to a flimsy, transparent mechanism made for stopping insects, you have to examine yourself.

Lost Anchors

I leaned in to kiss his forehead. Please, just another day, another month, I thought. Was a year too much to ask for?

Gio’s Arm

It was hairless and white, without visible scarring. It looked like there had never been an arm there at all, as if this were just a different way for a body to be constructed. It possessed a peaceful aura, Quinn thought.