Maybe To Fall To My Knees

What to do with this beauty, what to love of it—what almost to sigh and to sing and even groan, what beauty, this beauty all around and how every single day is sacred like drinking the very air, and what…

Pasado’s Grave

For once, we aren’t late. The kids keep asking me if we are, but I am able to assure them, we are fine, we’re right on time. I know this place. We just need to park in the big lot…

Going to French Lick

“I just hated everything about Trump in the beginning,” she admitted. “I couldn’t stand him at first. Nothing about him I liked. I prayed hard and a lot on the subject, and I believe he has truly obtained humility with the election result. I really believe that!” she said for emphasis.

Spitting Mad

I had said things that I was not sorry for. I had said exactly what I meant. I had made people angry. I had decided the day after Trump was elected president to not care if someone I hadn’t seen in ten years didn’t like me.