Try come, bebe,
Aunty not goin hurt you.
Cannot make it bettah if you no come by
Oooooo, so beeg you came!
Yo ahms stay looonngg an yo lehgs stay groen!
Come, come sit by Aunty. Lemme touch yo hed, bebe.
Aunty jus goin touch, sof-kine, see? No hurt.
Hea. Feel dis leef.
Cool, yah?
Goin make yo hed cool an sof,
goin be mo bettah.
Goin help you sleep,
goin make all da scah go down.
Yah, das righ, sit with Aunty lil wile.
Aunty just take da leef, put hea on yo hed.
Bettah, yah?
Den we wrap on da bandanna—
I tot you like da peenk one—
jus goin tie um in da back.
Les just sit togeddah, we talk story.
Bum by Aunty sing a song, but fo now goin talk story.
Bout a beudeeful girl who wen bump her hed, jus like you.
Da girl, Florence, wen walking in da fores.
Wanted fo peek flowahs fo make lei, yah?
But wen she wen reach up to da high tree, she fell.
Bump her hed on da way down.
She cry, oh she cry! She not so brave like you.
She cry until her maddah come.
Deh take her to da beeg house, wipe up her teahs and da blood.
Still, she cry.
Her maddah rock her, quiet.
Her maddah put da leef on her hed, wrap um up
an deh rock
an deh sleep.
Do dat each nigh until all bettah.
Jus one small scah, no can see um anymoah.
She cannot even feel um wid her ruff kine hands.
Das righ, just relax, bebe. Aunty stay wid you.
Oh, you can feel dat? Jus one small scah now, yah?
Yo hans stay cold, bebe, les put da blanket on top.
Yah, I hold my han on yo foahead
an you keep yos on mine.
We keep company, yah?