Looking back, I can only remember the nickname given to the luger at those 2010 Winter Olympic Games in British Columbia: “BAM-BAM!,” they cheered. He was a favorite for gold. I can’t recall which country he was representing, just his nickname, and the time code. The exact frame on which the luger’s sled departed from the ice, like his soul escaping his body. I see BAM-BAM in my dreams, a shadowy figure, flying through the air at 90 mph, forever haunting me. His ghost looping in my mind, as eternal as the Olympic flame. A torch passed from one host country to the next.

You see, I’m the unofficial Eraser-in-Chief for the Pacific Northwest division of TV news. And I’m damn good at my job. I can’t cheat death. I can delay it. But the inevitable will come. I erase for others what I can never erase in myself.

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