King of Pop

— Michael Jackson (1958-2009)


Ghost-white pedophile on trial, plastic surgery masks
Its unusual suspect, his kidnapped once-black skin,

Elephant Man bones museums bought & sold like hit tracks,
Legal rights to old Beatles singles framed as records

Court orders foreclose on bankrupt Neverland kingdoms,
Mass pain, pills, bagged drips that kill, at last, artists,

Not punchlines, joke strip-search critics who want fame
Buried in rumors, autograph websites, handcuff links,

Devoted fans who scalp tickets to cancelled concerts,
His stadium-seating funeral service aired live

So distinguished members, doctors of said press can bear
Their false witness, moonwalk away from charges,

As if just another careless bluff, cheap thrill, dance move,
But, first & foremost, you can bet your sweet ass,

Honor, our tabloid rags, newscasts will beat it to death,
Will never stop, till we, fair people, yes, get enough.