Letter from the Editor

Identities and Locations

March 27, 2021

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read our identities and locations issue of Belletrist. We chose  this theme because it is an important topic that is applicable and relevant to everyone from all over the world.     

Everyday, our identities continue to change and develop through our interactions and practices. The locations that we live in or originate from often determine our identities and the ways in which we are expected to live. The definition we create of ourselves is not always the definition given to us by others. This issue of Belletrist hopes to highlight the nature of our sociocultural context as we navigate and negotiate the relevancies and complexities of our identities and locations just as surely as the air we breathe.

Harrison Lin’s essay,  “Up the Mountain,” shows how trying new things and going on new adventures can help you get to know your true identity. You never know if you like something until you try it. Vanatcha Comesongsri uses clear and descriptive details to allow the readers create visuals of a typical coffee shop. She builds the character’s identities through the view of the coffee barista.”Throwing up Fear” by Maya Juarez  depicts a strong message to the reader that even people you did not know for a long time could have a major impact on you forever.  

We at Belletrist value the significance of one’s identity and how it constantly changes through experiences, thoughts, and emotions. These pieces of writing create an eye-opening experience for the reader as they all display a strong sense of identity and location in different and unique ways.

Bhavya Linga 




Bhavya Linga is a junior at Eastlake High School and is attending Bellevue College through the Running Start program. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, doing coding projects, and playing her flute.