Take first things first. Deal
with it. He took me
for all I had and more. Run
the table for me, baby.
Charm, captivate. A taking smile.
You really need to run
from this, count eight points
for a double run. That’s right,
play games—get into one’s
possession, power, or control.

Take a moment. Take a seat.
She will take holy orders. Take took
a month: definition, uses
as verb (i., trans.) & noun.
Run took nine months, citations
falling, six-inch stacks on shelves,
on desks, on floors. Beware
the industrious custodian.

The run of a horse
is a gallop. Roam, rove
with restraint. Run those hounds,
those errands. Run your eye
down the list. Permit
charges to accumulate at the bar.
Subtract. Take two from four.

Never run after: pursue, chase;
especially: to seek the company of.
Run dry—take a powder. Take twelve
tricks. Put oneself into
(sun, air, water)
for pleasure. Take a scythe to the weeds.
Take heart, take hold.
Take that horse for a ride—
run with the land.