Mysterious Mist

After hours of interrogation, she erupted, screaming, filled with massive tears, “I was in the forest, I swear it, talking to the mist. Father, you must believe me!” She explained to him that there is a place deep within the forest that exhales a gentle mist and camouflages anyone who walks alone.

“I go there and talk to the mist ghost.” She said that in this mist, a ghostly silhouette would approach, asking for a secret. The mist would continue to form a thick cloud, obscuring the view to the outside. In that timeless moment, the only sensation felt was the silhouette’s fresh breath whispering desperately for a secret.

The daughter, with reverence, continued, “I asked the mist ghost, ‘what if I don’t share my secret?’ The mist engulfed me and responded tenderly, ‘I will carry you up the mountainside and place you deep inside the mountain where you will sleep until you are covered with moss and eventually form into a tree.’”

“Show me then!” her father demanded. “Take me to this place!”

The next day, the daughter proudly led the way on a hidden path along the singing river in the sacred morning. The trail cradled its soft soil as it curved, displaying only the shadows of the trees dancing like ghosts along its grooves. No mist appeared, and the father questioned, “Where is this mist ghost?”

She explained that the mist would only approach when one person walked along the path alone. “But remember, father, you must share your secret.”

As they walked back down the trail, he obsessed over his daughter’s story and wondered, “Is she lying or is she wrong in the head? I’m determined to find out!”

The next day he journeyed to the trail at sunrise, alone. As the sun rose to hug the horizon and gentle sunbeams pierced through mother earth’s forest, there in the distance, a soft mist arrived to surround him. He froze, fixated, as the ghostly silhouette gently approached him.

He gasped, startled, “You are the mist my daughter talked about.”

The mist ghost whispered faintly, asking for a secret.

He responded: “I have none. I take care of this forest. There are no secrets here.” The mist formed a thicker cloud around him. He shivered violently.  “Please let me go!”

The mist asked again with more intensity, requesting him to share his secret. He pleaded desperately, bellowing out in anguish, “I take care of this forest!” In a blink, he was cupped by the mist and swiftly carried up to the top of the mountain, where he was gently laid down on the soft earth for a deep sleep.

When he failed to return, the daughter wondered why her father never told her he was a lumberjack.

It will take many years, but his fate is still waiting…